Eric Fischl

07/10/2015 - 09/05/2015


Eric Fischl’s seminal photographs of Saint Tropez Beach depict the isolation of the human figure and psyche.

Curated by Helen Klisser During, the Westport Arts Center’s Artistic Director, the Eric Fischl Exhibition features 30 photographs and paintings curated from both the Hall Collection and the Eric Fischl Studio. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see the works outside of these collections.

Fischl is known for his provocative narratives about human behavior, particularly the hidden activities of middle-class America, and for making private moments public. His work is focused on people – their bodies – and the associated complex relationship we have with our physicality.

“As I moved into figuration, it became a far more complicated process because there’s so much you can’t get away with in painting figures, because they’re something we all know,” said Fischl as part of an interview included in the book Dive Deep: Eric Fischl And The Process of Painting co-organized by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the San Jose Museum of Art in 2013.

Included in the exhibition is his series of Saint Tropez (1982 – 1988) dye transfer photographs (1990) from the Hall Collection.  This series exemplifies Fischl’s sense of voyeurism and his use of water as a recurrent theme, both the ocean as a symbol of life and the swimming pool as its domestic manifestation.

The showcased works are a unique aggregation of Fischl’s early photographs and paintings from 1982-2008, representing his distinct figurative style.

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