Club Havana

05/07/2016 05:30 PM - 11:00 PM ET


Tickets are now on sale for Westport Arts Center’s “Club Havana” gala!  The annual gala will take place on Saturday, May 7 at Vespa restaurant and the National Hall Campus in downtown Westport.

This not-to-be-missed event will celebrate the unique and diverse culture of Cuba, immersing guests in the island country’s rich and expressive arts heritage, its food and drinks, and its music.

Howard J. Aibel and Elizabeth Strick will be honored for their significant contributions to the Westport Arts Center and the greater arts community.

The Westport Arts Center is known for hosting unique magical and artistically rich fundraisers and “Club Havana” will continue this tradition.  The evening promises to include special entertainment and surprises, and will feature Jay Prince Music’s lively mix of Cuban-inspired and contemporary music.





Click here to purchase tickets for our Club Havana Raffle!

Online Raffle sales have ended to purchase a raffle ticket call or visit the Arts Center before 3pm. Tickets will be available at Club Havana.

To kick off our upcoming "Club Havana" fundraiser gala on May 7, 2016, we are launching a raffle you won't want to miss!
Raffle tickets are available for $100 each with a grand prize of $10,000!
Raffle tickets are on sale February 7 through May 7, or until limited supplies last.  
How good are your odds? With only 500 tickets issued, your odds in winning are 1 in 500!

In comparison the chances you will.....
catch a ball at a major league ballgame: 1 in 563
get a hole in one: 1 in 5,000
find a four-leaf clover on first try: 1 in 10,000
bowl a 300 game: 1 in 11,500
win an Oscar: 1 in 11,500
find a pearl in an oyster: 1 in 12,000
become a professional athlete: 1 in 22,000
strike it rich on Antiques Roadshow: 1 in 60,000
date a supermodel: 1 in 88,000
win an Olympic medal: 1 in 662,000
become president: 1 in 10,000,000
become a saint: 1 in 20,000,000

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